Sunday, February 13, 2011

sparkle sunday*3

happy valentine's day to everyone!
it's raining ... HAPPY VD ANYWAY!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

公公婆婆 ♥

here comes my grandpa house! a place which full of memories to me..:D

these are all my cousins and relatives,but they are only 20%! HOHO..
i'm glad to see danny,felicia and van! they came back hometown on the second day,cause seriously i was boring at there on the first day without danny. he left the hospital without going back home then straight came here with his family.. yea,he got appendicitis attack and he showed me his wounds on his stomach, it were really disgusting!viewing the photos in his iphone4, i could really feel the pain. awww, i miss him now. thanks for everything okay?i know you care about me, all i need is just .. TIME. :)

they said my father looks youger than before , shuang dao taaaxDD

my sis with angpaos,my beautiful mom,my lengzai bro!HAHAHA

the small peichi vs the big peichi
cause they both look definitely the same ,90%
which i mean sis looks same as my little cousin sister when she was small!

punch him for non-stop getting tall and tall! and he is now taller than me! wth!
LOL!!!! i call him smileeee,smile lengzai dit! i still love you my bro!xDD

our of da topic, but this is really epic !!! LOL!
i am bored..
p/s: empty
status: a-boring-day again .. you made me feel weary.. haiz.
:) anyway.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


i don't feel like blogging .. so,lets get this post done in quick okay?
i will post the photos at my grandpa's house soon(nails crossing HAHA)
nahhh, this is when we were heading to waipo's house.

you see him,HAHA! my super eng-dao brother! <3

this baby was cute,really that one!
we went to uncle's house bainian , my daddy told us that the uncle always help him when he was young and kept on falling in his career, so my dad treats him as his brother.


the place i used to climb when i was small

i asked him to stand under the rambutan tree LOL!

Again, i wanted him to walk up there and then i shouted to him

"WAVE YOUR HANDDDD....!!!!" he really did. laugh sei mexDDD

he was shy .. HAHAHAHHAA!


p/s: don't torture me!!!!!!!!!

stature: bad mood, trying to hold her bad temper but she failed, they just don't know how little things will hurt her badly ..

in her room,


Sunday, February 6, 2011

sparkle sunday*2

i want to SWIM like hell !!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh&Ah event

  • original
  • black and white with elegant
  • old times with elegant
  • old times only

few days ago, i went to AJ sisters's Oh&Ah shop,and yes,that was all handmade;)

the rabbit angpaos were all draw by AJ's sisters ---NICE---!!!
i hope to get the angpao too... but i spent all my money on others so...haiz

ehehehehe, mua TOP! he is freaking HOT in this music video!!!

lol, SERIOUSLY??!!!




Sunday, January 30, 2011

sparkle sunday*1

first to say:
xin nian kuai le
happy chinese new year
gong hei fat choy

Friday, January 28, 2011

Let's Go Party with romance lyrics

tuduu i'm back! i miss all of them already,my onni and maknae. from now on, i will show something nice for you all on every sunday. the day after tomorrow will be the first sunday. Well, just to make you all smile:)

if you ask me which korean singer group i like the most,i will probably answer you without a moment thinking : " HEY YOOO OFCOURSE IS 2NE1 !!!! "

hehe,enjoy this song! you will like it^^ but there is no music video for this song...
but if you want to watch they sing in live show~ there you go~

p/s: i will get my own driving license and stop begging others @#@$#@#$!
status: SMILE, why?because I CAN.